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Digital Banking2024-04-15T11:04:08-05:00

Welcome to your digital banking experience hub.

A new desktop and mobile app experience is coming your way soon!

Currently we are in the pre-enrollment phase of the online banking conversion. This page will serve as the central location for announcements, news and Member communications, as we transition to the new digital banking platform. Revisit this page often as we’ll add self-help tutorials and updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If you experience any difficulty during pre-enrollment, we can help! If you don’t find the answers you need here in our FAQs or tutorials, please call 405.743.3328 or complete the contact form. You may also email us at

What Action Do I Take Now?

Beginning in April You’ll Follow these 3 Steps

Over the next 4-8 weeks, active online banking users will receive Member specific communications
regarding the conversion to the new digital banking platform.

Step 1



You may receive pre-enrollment instructions via email or U.S. Mail soon.
In pre-enrollment you will set up your login & password to expedite your login process on the “Go Live Date.”

Pre-enroll here.

Step 2

Continue Using Online Banking

Continue Using Online Banking

After you pre-enroll, you will continue to use your current online banking credentials to access your OK Community accounts online.
You will also use the current mobile app until the system conversion in Summer 2024.

Step 3

Watch for Go Live Date

Watch for Go Live Date

Watch for communications on the official “Go Live Date,” which is expected to be in Summer 2024.
The date announcement will arrive via email and be posted on social media, in our lobbies and on our website.

Where Do I Pre-enroll?

You can pre-enroll at

Remember you will need your full account number and some information about the Primary Member!

Finding My Account Number for Pre-enrollment

There are several places you can find your full account number to begin your pre-enrollment into the new digital banking. Review each option below to see examples of what digits you need to enter from your account number during pre-enrollment. As always you can call 405.743.3328 to get assistance.

News and Communications

DateDigital CommunicationsPrint Communications
04.10.2024eBlast to all Members
04.10.2024Blog Post
April – June 2024eMail to Specific MembersMailed Letter to Specific Members

Digital Banking Conversion Timeline

4.10.2024eBlast Communication to All Members
4.10.2024Digital Banking Experience Webpage Active
4.10.2024Blog Added to Website
April thru JuneMember Specific Pre-enrollment Emails Sent
April and beyondPre-enrollment Help. Call the Contact Center 405.743.3328
2 weeks prior to “Go Live Date”Date Announcement via Member Email, Lobby & Social Media
Summer 2024“Go Live Date” – Actual Date is TBA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I go to pre-enroll?2024-04-10T13:58:44-05:00

You can pre-enroll at You will need your full account number and the birthdate and SSN of the Primary Member to pre-enroll.

It’s asking me to verify my contact info, after I pre-enrolled, Why?2024-04-10T15:56:36-05:00

This is a security feature. During the early phases of our digital banking transition, we are ensuring we have the most up-to-date contact information and account verifying security features in place. The security of your financial data is the credit union’s priority.

During verification some of my contact info was incorrect. What do I do?2024-04-10T15:54:12-05:00

If one of the phone numbers or emails is correct, use that to verify your contact info. If none of the contact info is correct please contact us and we can update it for you.

I got a “Pending Review” message when pre-enrolling. What now?2024-04-10T15:51:24-05:00

You received a “Pending Review” message because something you entered did not match our records. This is a security feature. You will simply wait for us to contact you. We will be able to fix the issue on the back-end of our systems, then we will email you when your pre-enrollment is ready to try again.

What information do I need to Pre-enroll?2024-04-10T15:49:18-05:00

You will need your full account number. The Primary Member’s Date of Birth and Social Security Number to pre-enroll.

I do not know my full account number. Where do I find it?2024-04-10T14:26:41-05:00

You will need to enter your full account number before the dash for pre-enrollment. To determine your full account number, go to y our current online banking and open a statement (or view your paper statement). Your account number will be at the bottom in the left corner of your statement. Remember, when pre-enrolling, you will enter ONLY the digits before the dash. DO NOT ENTER the DASH, the number after the dash. If you look at a paper check you can find your account number there too, but you will exclude any leading zeros and omit the last number on the account number line on a paper check. Great examples are found at

I got a “Pre-enrollment Unsuccessful” message, what now?2024-04-10T14:09:24-05:00

If you tried to pre-enroll and you received a message of “Unsuccessful Pre-enrollment,” simply call our Contact Center at 405.743.3328 and they can get your pre-enrollment pushed through.

Will I need to download a new app after pre-enrolling?2024-04-10T14:03:39-05:00

The new app will not be ready for downloading until our “Go Live Date” this Summer. Continue using the current mobile app and those credentials until we notify you the new online banking and mobile banking systems are live. Notifications will be via email and social media posts.

When is the new digital banking platform going live?2024-02-13T11:02:20-06:00

The planned go-live timeframe for the new digital banking platform is Q2 2024.

Why are you changing my online banking?2024-04-10T13:56:07-05:00

Members will experience new options such as external bank account transfers and loan payments among many other features made easier to use. The new platform allows for future integration opportunities.

I received multiple emails as I have multiple accounts. Which account should I pre-enroll?2024-04-15T10:33:38-05:00

If you have more than one account at the Credit Union, you should pre-enroll with your primary personal account. Once we go live it should show all of your linked accounts with only one login. (You may not receive all your account emails at the same time, as they are split into emailing groups. If you receive an instructions email, that does not contain your primary account information, you may go ahead and pre-enroll your primary account if you know your account number, just following the digit entering instructions.)

Why do I need to pre-enroll?2024-04-10T13:52:33-05:00

In order to make your transition as seamless as possible, setting your username and password early will prevent any downtime when we go live.

When may I pre-enroll?2024-02-13T14:25:09-06:00

You can pre-enroll here now. If you are an active online banking user, you will receive an email or physical-mail with enrollment information to help you enroll successfully.

Can I use the same username and password as my current online banking?2024-02-13T14:29:53-06:00

Yes, so as long as your username and password fit the requirements and are not already in use, you can use them to pre-enroll.

What are the requirements for my username?2024-02-13T16:51:46-06:00
  • Minimum of six characters
  • Cannot be all numbers
  • May contain the characters @$*_-=.!~
  • Must not already be in use
What are the requirements for my password?2024-02-13T17:01:00-06:00
  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • Minimum of 2 letters
  • Minimum of 1 uppercase letter
  • Minimum of 1 lowercase letter
  • Minimum of 1 number
  • Minimum of 1 special character
When will you tell me more about the transition process?2024-04-10T16:03:49-05:00

There will be additional details we will tell you about concerning the transition, such what steps you may need to take on bill pay, customization of your screens and other new features to take advantage of.  When we are less than 2 weeks out from the “Go Live Date” we will communicate these details to our Members.

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