Account numbers are the primary identifier of a person to an account. It is important to know your account number and present it correctly when being used as to not infringe upon possibly other accounts. Account numbers contain a check digit at the end to verify the account number is presented correctly. Check digits are required when ordering checks or setting up an ACH transfer. Account numbers, when given to a third party for processing, such as an ACH or check order, should contain 8 digits. This includes leading zeros, the account number, and check digit.

Example: If your account number is 12345-6 (6 being the check digit), your account number as listed on the ACH or check should read: 00123456

We have a direct deposit form that will correctly identify your full account number if you are unsure.

Account numbers are often used for ordering more checks or setting up an ACH transfer to or from another account. It is important to use the correct information so we have created a page for reordering checks and creating an ACH link to your account.