1. Log into okcommunitycu.com

  • Both accounts must be enabled to do cross account transfers. Please contact us if you want to enable this feature for your account.

2. Setting up your Cross Account Transfer Password

  • Click “Member Options” on left side of screen
  • Click on “Cross Account Password”
  • Create and enter password twice and then submit (Create a password that is different from your login password so no one else can access your account).

3. Transfer to Someone Else’s Account

  • Click on “X Transfers” on the left side of home screen after logging in.
  • Enter in person’s account number and their Cross Account Password.
  • Choose what suffix (Savings, Checking, etc.) you want to transfer from.
  • Choose what suffix in other person’s account you want to transfer to.
  • Enter transfer amount and click “Transfer”.

4. Allow Someone to Transfer to Your Account

  • Give them your account number and the Cross Account Password you created and they will follow the same steps as above.