Some merchants will place a pre-authorization hold on your debit card to make sure you have enough funds to cover their transaction. Pre-authorization holds are NOT put in place by Oklahoma Community Credit Union. This is most commonly seen at gas pumps, hotels, and restaurants. The holds are set by the merchants or major card networks and are placed because the card is swiped before the amount of the transaction is known. They may remain on your account until the transaction has fully completed or after the hold time expires (varies up to 5 days).

To avoid these holds, use your debit card inside the gas station and pre-pay for a set amount of gas or apply for a credit card at Oklahoma Community Credit Union. Some gas stations will place a pre-authorization hold on a debit transaction no matter what you do to avoid the hold. These holds could cause you to lose temporary access to needed funds and may cause you to overdraft your account incurring fees. Please be conscious of all debit holds and your available funds.