Debit Card

Why is there a hold on my Debit Card?


Some merchants will place a pre-authorization hold on your debit card to make sure you have enough funds to cover their transaction. Pre-authorization holds are NOT put in place by Oklahoma Community Credit Union. This is most commonly seen at gas pumps, hotels, and restaurants. The holds are set by the merchants or major card networks [...]

Why is there a hold on my Debit Card?2021-05-02T03:14:24-05:00

How do I activate my ATM/Debit Card?


Please call 855.726.4885 to activate your ATM or Debit Card. (Note: Oklahoma Community CU no longer offers ATM only cards at new account opening.)

How do I activate my ATM/Debit Card?2021-05-02T03:10:15-05:00



Oklahoma Community Credit Union wants to give its members the best protection with their debit cards. We offer fraud protection to all of our members debit cards. If SecureLOCK detects fraud on your debit card, they will freeze your debit card and call you to communicate the issue. If you miss their call, you [...]

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