What is the American Consumer Council?


The American Consumer Council (ACC) is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1987 and dedicated to consumer education, advocacy and financial literacy. We support America’s economic growth by encouraging the sale and use of safe, reliable products and services to consumers. ACC achieves its mission by serving the economic interest and consumer needs of [...]

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What Tax Forms will the CU send me?


Tax forms are to be processed for delivery by January 31 each calendar year. 1099-INT Interest Statement Form: This form is generated when interest or dividends paid to an account have exceeded $10.00. This total is per account and is the combination of interest across suffixes that earn interest or dividends within that account. If [...]

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Do you have tips for Check Fraud?


Check fraud increases every year. You should be cautious when receiving checks from an unknown source. Use these few tips to help protect you against check fraud. DID YOUR CHECK COME FROM CRAIG’S LIST? DO YOU KNOW THE PERSON WHO SENT THE CHECK? DO THEY WANT YOU TO SEND MONEY BACK TO THEM? (i.e. [...]

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How do I change my address?


For your safety, Oklahoma Community CU requires a signature to change information on your account. To change your address, visit us at one of our locations or submit an online Address Change form.

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What is the importance of my Account Number?


Account numbers are the primary identifier of a person to an account. It is important to know your account number and present it correctly when being used as to not infringe upon possibly other accounts. Account numbers at Oklahoma Community CU contain a check digit at the end to verify the account number is presented [...]

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Who is eligible to be a Member?


Oklahoma Community Credit Union is open to anyone! We have membership options for anyone to join. Please visit our membership application page to select the membership option that fits you best.

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How can I join Oklahoma Community CU?


Joining the Credit Union is easy. Simply complete a membership card and deposit $5.00. You remain a share holder in the credit union by maintaining an active account relationship and maintaining a $5.00 minimum balance. As long as your credit union membership is in good standing, you are a member for life. Credit Unions [...]

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