Our Members asked for improvements to the credit union’s online and mobile banking services. We are happy to announce: It’s Coming Soon! A new and improved Digital Banking Experience is coming Summer 2024 to Oklahoma Community Credit Union. The new online banking and mobile banking platform will include many improvements. The ability to login to both online and mobile with one login and password will be rolled-out. Members will also be able to utilize external account linking for loan payments and transfers. Security of your financial information is always top priority and the new digital banking adds enhanced security.  The mobile banking app, when available in Summer 2024, will feature a new and improved camera for capturing your remote deposit check images and it will have easier to read screens.

Currently the credit union is encouraging its Members to pre-enroll prior to the “Go Live Date.”  Once all active users are pre-enrolled, we’ll announce a “Go Live Date” for the new digital banking platform. Members should frequently check their emails for communications regarding the online banking transition. Your information hub during this transition can be found at okcommunitycu.com/digitalbanking. Here you’ll find information regarding how to locate your account number and which digits of that account number you’ll be required to enter during pre-enrollment.  Visit the digital banking webpage to find out how to pre-enroll for digital online banking’s roll-out later this summer. The site will be updated frequently during the transition.