Oklahoma Community Credit Union recently held elections for three Board of Directors positions as part of their Annual Meeting and also made an appointment to the board and Supervisory Committee.

Lyle Eastman, Wilma Wehr-Hiatt and Colby Cagle were elected to three-year terms on the board.  Eastman previously served as chairperson of the Supervisory Committee and was appointed to the board in 2020 to fill the vacant seat of Jamie Payne when she moved out of the credit union’s service area.  Eastman was also elected as Vice Chair by the board of directors at their June business meeting.  Hiatt, was re-elected for the second time to the board.  Hiatt will continue to serve as secretary of the board for another year.

As well as electing Eastman and Hiatt to officer roles, Becky Dilbeck was re-elected as Board Chair and Renee Smith was re-elected as Treasurer by the directors. Anne McMurtry also holds a seat on the seven-member board.

Cagle is a newcomer to the board, having been a member of the credit union since 2016.  Cagle is eager to serve the members of the credit union and help Oklahoma Community continue to make an impact.

“I look forward to serving the members of Oklahoma Community and being more involved in Stillwater and our surrounding communities,” Cagle said. “Thank you to those that came out to support me through the election and I’m excited to serve on this talented and experienced team of directors.”

The Board of Directors also made two appointments in their June business meeting.

Joe Hobart, who previously served on the board of directors and finished fourth out of the six candidates in election voting, was appointed to fill the vacant seat of Dr. Earl D. Mitchell, Jr, who passed away on June 2.  Hobart will serve in Mitchell’s seat until the next annual meeting when the position will be up for election.  Also, with Eastman being elected to the board of directors it opens a position on the Supervisory Committee that will be filled by Jim Rutledge, who has previously served on both the board of directors and supervisory committee.

Founded in 1968, Oklahoma Community Credit Union, formerly University & Community Federal Credit Union, is a federally chartered financial institution headquartered in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  As a financial cooperative, Oklahoma Community serves members in Payne, Lincoln, Logan, Noble and Pawnee counties in north central Oklahoma. Learn more about Oklahoma Community at okcommunitycu.com.