Online Account Access

Online Account Access2021-05-19T11:46:29-05:00


Oklahoma Community Credit Union offers free online account access. Contact a Member Service Representative at 405.743.3328 if you have any questions about online account access.

Security Awareness

Security awareness of online financial accounts is critical to your account protection. These guidelines can help you protect your accounts.

  • Use strong passwords. Do not use dictionary words, names of family or pets, or values that may be easily associated with you such as birthdays, etc.
    • Poor password example: Rainbow1958
    • Good password example: jfU4kjDf3kLt
    • Using a phrase with upper and lower letters, numbers and symbols is also recommended
  • Keep your password private. Do not share your account information with anyone. Multiple account logins on an accounts are available.
  • Challenge questions should be difficult. If your favorite pet is Rover and everyone knows this, then that would be an insecure choice for a challenge question answer. Information should not be easily guessed or known.
  • Monitor your account with e*Alerts as described below. You may receive an email or text message, or both, on pre-defined events. This will allow you to be alerted if anyone has accessed your account or done something without your consent. If you see an e*Alert and you did not perform the action, call us immediately at 405.743.3328 to lock online access.
  • Do not save your login information in your browser. You should be required to enter the login and password information each and every time you access your account. Most browsers may easily clear saved information by accessing “ctrl+shift+del” buttons while in the web browser. This should bring up a “Clear Browsing Data” dialog which allows you to remove saved information.
    Be vigilante of the transactions on your account. Should you see anything out of place please call us immediately at 405.743.3328 to determine if something is out of place and what steps need to be taken.

Oklahoma Community Credit Union offers free E-statements. View your monthly statement online by logging on to Account Access and register for E-statements.  Simply click the “E-Statements” button on the left menu.

Scheduled Transfers

Schedule automatic transfers between suffixes and pay loans with scheduled transfers when logged into your account. Select a source suffix, destination suffix, amount, and schedule the transfer to simplify your life! For more information on Regulation D may apply visit Regulation D FAQ.


Set up e*Alerts on your account at by logging into your online banking. Decide if you want alerts via e-mail address or phone. Then click on the “Member Options” box on the left side of the screen. If you entering an e-mail address, type it in the box and click “Add.” If you are entering a phone number to receive a text message, click on the link which says “What is my Phone Address?” and the system will prompt you to enter your phone number and cell phone provider. The phone address will appear in the box. Click “Add” to save it.

Once you have entered your e-mail address and/or phone number, go back to the left side of the screen and click on the box marked e*Alerts. There are five alert categories you can set up on your account. (Credit Union Alerts are not currently available.)

Personal AlertsBalance AlertsLow Balance AlertsTransaction AlertsEvent Alerts
Send yourself an e-mail or text
with a personal message.

  • Select where to send the message
  • Type your personal message
    in the box
  • Set the date, time & frequency you would like the message to be sent.
Messages you regularly to let you know how much money is in your

  • Choose where you
    want your message to be sent.
  • Select which account you would
    like an alert on
  • Pick the day and time to receive the message
Ensure you always have enough money
in your account

  • Choose where you would like the alert to be sent
  • which account do you want
    to keep track of
  • set what your low balance threshold should be

Example: Don’t let my checking falls below $100, I input my cell phone number, select checking and type in $100.

Lets you know when an amount of money exceeding a threshold, you set, has been deposited or withdrawn from your account.

  • Select e-mail or phone number to which you would like the message sent,
  • Select the account which needs the alert,
    Pick if you want notified of deposits or withdrawals
  • Determine the minimum threshold amount for your notification.
This alert protects you by notifying you when someone has logged in successfully, made an unsuccessful log-in attempt, changed your password, or changed your e-mail address.

  • Select an e-mail address or phone number from the drop-down boxes for those alerts which you would like to receive.
  • Click Update Alerts.e

Online Bill Pay

Oklahoma Community Credit Union offers members online bill payment at no charge. Start paying bills online by simply logging into your online account access and click the “CU Bill Pay” button on the left hand menu screen. Every member of the credit union is pre-enrolled so you can start paying bills right away!

  • All you need is a checking account & internet access.
  • Pay your bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Out of town? No worries. You can pay your bills while on vacation, at the office, from home…anywhere you have access to the internet.
  • Pay one-time bills or schedule regular payments to be automatically processed on the days you choose.
  • View your payment history.
  • View, add to or edit your list of payees anytime.
  • You decide how much to pay, who to pay and when to pay.
  • Need to make sure you made a payment? Search by payee to see who you paid and when.
  • Transmit payments safely & securely. Security features include 128-bit encryption & Secure Socket Layer.
  • Best of all, it’s unlimited and it’s FREE!

How Do I Get Started with Bill Pay?
1) Log on to your online account at
2) Click the “CU Bill Pay” button on the left menu of the screen.
3) Start making payments!


If E-Statements don’t offer the date ranges you need, History allows you to view a date range of your choice. You can then print this statement or even export your transactions from that date range into a program such as Quicken. Click on History on the left side of the screen.

Select the account or accounts for which you would like to see the history and select a date range, either one of the preset options or enter dates of your own. If you are looking for a specific range of checks, you can enter draft numbers and show only those checks.

Finally, select how you want to view the history (on screen, in a text document, or exported to Money or Quicken) and whether you would like it in descending order or ascending order.

Online Services FAQ

I forgot my password to my online access, how do I get that reset?2021-05-02T03:04:29-05:00

You can reset your password by visiting with one of our Member Services Representatives at any of our branches. Or you can call 405.743.3328 between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday and ask for a reset. For your protection and security reasons, we can not reset a password through email.

How do I reorder checks online?2022-05-09T15:28:48-05:00

Our check provider is Main Street Checks. For your 1st order, you must call 405.743.3328 and reorder your checks over the phone. Orders after your first order, can be placed online at here.

How do I transfer money to another person’s account at the CU?2021-05-02T02:57:55-05:00

1. Log into

  • Both accounts must be enabled to do cross account transfers. Please contact us if you want to enable this feature for your account.

2. Setting up your Cross Account Transfer Password

  • Click “Member Options” on left side of screen
  • Click on “Cross Account Password”
  • Create and enter password twice and then submit (Create a password that is different from your login password so no one else can access your account).

3. Transfer to Someone Else’s Account

  • Click on “X Transfers” on the left side of home screen after logging in.
  • Enter in person’s account number and their Cross Account Password.
  • Choose what suffix (Savings, Checking, etc.) you want to transfer from.
  • Choose what suffix in other person’s account you want to transfer to.
  • Enter transfer amount and click “Transfer”.

4. Allow Someone to Transfer to Your Account

  • Give them your account number and the Cross Account Password you created and they will follow the same steps as above.
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