Stillwater Weekend Food Sacks for Children project received OK Community Cares Grant

Stillwater Weekend Food Sacks for Children project received a $1,342 grant to provide 200 bags of easy to prepare foods for hungry, school-age children.

Volunteers meet once a month at the Stillwater First United Methodist Church during the school year to package sacks of kid-friendly food to send home with children in Stillwater area schools for the weekend. Volunteers pack an average of 2,400 food sacks including 12 food items and one plastic spoon each month. The program works with Stillwater School District teachers and counselors to identify students who are food insecure and to determine the number of sacks needed for students to take home each Friday during the school year as well as during the six-week summer school session.

The program is directed by a three-member volunteer steering committee made up of Nancy Allford, Linda Blum and Karen Hinton. If you are interested in volunteering with the Stillwater Weekend Food Sacks for Children project, please visit

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