Our Story

Our Story2024-04-09T10:17:35-05:00

Our Story

In 1968, a group of university employees gathered together to form O.S. University Employees Federal Credit Union, beginning with $178 in total assets. As our membership grew to the Stillwater community and Payne County, we became University & Community Federal Credit Union in 2000. Today, as Oklahoma Community Credit Union, we serve 13,000+ members and have expanded our membership eligibility in 2023 to include all individuals with our American Consumer Council partnership. Our asset size has grown to over $200 million to become a midsize financial institution that can meet the needs of our members and communities.

In 2023 we opened our second full-service branch in west Stillwater and in 2024 we finished a year-long, complete remodel of our main branch on McElroy Road. Oklahoma Community now has two full service branches. We are proud to be a member-owned financial cooperative and the only financial institution that can call Stillwater its hometown and now serve communities across north central Oklahoma.

Our History: Past to Present

New Name FAQ

How can I find out more information on the brand change?2021-05-19T20:31:25-05:00

On our website, you will see a Brand Change page and this is where we will post updates about the project. Following us on our Social Media accounts is a great way to get updated branding information.

What else is changing besides the name?2021-05-19T20:15:03-05:00

Our current hours of operation, products and services, loan promotions, etc. are staying the same at this time. We are always looking for ways to improve and invest in your credit union so we hope to enhance many of the services you enjoy today in the future.

Is your website address changing?2021-05-19T20:18:56-05:00

Yes. Our new web address is okcommunitycu.com. Our former address, cuintouch.com will redirect you to the new website for the immediate future. But we encourage you to update your browser favorites to the new web address.

Is my online banking and mobile banking user name and password changing?2021-05-19T19:47:45-05:00

No. That information is currently staying the same. We are currently evaluating our online and mobile services, and if those items do change in the future we will notify you.

Do I need to order new checks or a debit card?2021-05-19T20:18:00-05:00

No. You may still use your University & Community debit card and checks. As debit cards expire and are reissued, and when you order new checks, the new Oklahoma Community  brand will be included. (Remember if you order a new card, you will have a new expiration and CVS number to enter in any auto-payments you have tied to your debit card.)

Is my routing number or my account number changing?2021-05-19T19:42:17-05:00

No. All information for direct deposit of  your pay and funds, ACH transactions, etc. are staying the same. Your account number will not change.

How do I make out my loan payment checks or checks when getting cash?2021-05-19T19:40:06-05:00

Make your checks payable to Oklahoma Community Credit Union or Oklahoma Community CU or OK Community or Oklahoma Community.

Why is “federal” no longer in your name?2021-05-19T19:37:52-05:00

Our legal name is Oklahoma Community Federal Credit Union and you will see that on legal documents of the credit union. But to help shorten the name for branding and discussion, we are removing “federal” from the brand. Oklahoma Community is still a federal chartered financial institution and your shares continued to be insured by NCUA.

What is a shorter version of the new name?2021-05-19T19:37:13-05:00

We will avoid using initials when shortening our name. Please use Oklahoma Community or OK Community if you are shortening our name in conversation.

I am an OSU employee. Can I still bank with you even though “university” is no longer in the name?2021-05-19T19:32:08-05:00

Yes! We are proud of our heritage of being a financial institution created by and for OSU employees. That’s why we have retained the color orange in our new  brand and continue to have a location on campus it the Student Union.

Why is the name changing?2021-05-19T19:24:20-05:00

Throughout our history our name has changed when we have expanded our field of membership. Now that we are serving a large part of central Oklahoma, it is the time to have a name that is more inclusive of our expanding Membership and allows us to grow into the future.

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